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Welcome to the British Motoring Association of Prince Edward Island.

Dedicated to the preservation and driving of British vehicles of all types.  


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Topic: Alternators

Location: 7 Grafton Street (Coach House)

Date: May 4th, 2019, 1:30PM

Ode To The Classic British Car

There is a certain magic to the Classic British Car

To view them in their numbers, we travel near and far,

The sporty ones are restless like a new-born foal in spring,

When topless on the open road, great pleasure they do bring.

Midget, Sprite and Spitfire, MG, Morgan too

Jaguar, Lotus, Sunbeam, just to name a few.

The stunning Austin Healey, Triumph TR3 and 6,

It's difficult to 'rhyme' them all, they're such a wondrous mix.

The sexy E-type Jaguar, a 60's child we know,

She purrs like a pussycat, so sleek and long and low,

Once dubbed 'the finest crumpet-catcher ever known to man'

It is the marque once envied by the all-adoring fan!

The stately Rolls and Bentley, built for comfort speed and style,

With the regal Austin Princess and the Daimler bring a smile.

Picked by the rich and famous as their chariot ride,

And when bedecked with ribbons, carriage for the blushing bride.

Sal0ons move more sedately with the family man in mind,

Rover, Riley, Hillman, Wolseley, Morris, Austin, you will find,

We must not forget the Anglia, lately Harry Potter's car,

And of course the timeless Mini and Reliant's Scimitar.

For the craftsmanship that built them all is hidden in the past,

The models that we knew and loved are disappearing fast,

For a glimpse of motoring history, the place for all to go

Is PEI in summer and the British Car Days Show!

By Sue Harris

Lifetime Member